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New Proposed Energy Standards for Manufactured Housing

New Proposed Energy Standards for Manufactured Housing For the first time since 1994, the Department of Energy (DOE) has proposed to update their efficiency standards for manufactured housing. Although standards will change with many new proposed guidelines, the Clayton home building facilities have already been applying these practices for years and many of the proposed DOE energy efficiency standards are met with Clayton's Energy Smart Home Package! Proposed Standards These standards include stepping up the requirements of the outer home layers such as walls, roofing, windows and doors. Check out some of the features Clayton offers that already follow the new proposed energy efficiency standards! *Low-Emissive (Low-E) Windows Low-E windows minimize heat transfer into the home in the summer and trap heat during the winter. This helps cut energy costs and also minimize sun damage that causes fading to furniture and carpet! *Better Insulation Making sure the insulation is installed properly and efficiently is important to preserve energy throughout the home. There are two types of insulation that are used to protect a Clayton home, batt and blown, which are packed in the ceiling, walls and floor cavities. *Sealing Requirements New standards for sealing have also been proposed to replace the old standards. Testing the old standards was nearly impossible. With the new proposed guidelines, the seals must be visually inspected. This will help limit air leakage that could be costly down the road. *Programmable Thermostats Providing each home with one programmable thermostat has also been added to the list of proposals. These thermostats can adjust the internal temperatures automatically throughout the day. They can minimize energy use when you are not home or at night when you are sleeping! The Benefits? The proposed standards will provide long-lasting benefits. It will allow manufactured homeowners to trust the product they are buying and have total confidence that they will save money, use less energy and invest in a healthier future. Lower Energy Bills The new energy efficiency guidelines, according to the article, are projected, on average, to cut energy bills by 29.9% for manufactured home owners over the next 30 years. Better Future We all want a clean, safe environment to live in. Cutting back on energy use without altering your comfort level is a win-win. Living in a home that you know is energy efficient and minimizes the negative impact on the earth is worth it. Until a decision is made on the new proposed standards, there are still ways to choose energy efficient options for manufactured housing such as ENERGY STARĀ®* products that are also available through Oakwood homes. Credit To Erica R Oct2016

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